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MISSION: The mission of Inclusion Daily Express and Inclusion Weekly Review is to provide disability rights advocates with reliable and up-to-date news, information and commentary about community inclusion, self-determination and disability rights, in a way that saves time and is easy to use.

PURPOSE: This service is designed to keep people with disabilities -- along with others who share these values -- informed on the latest progress being made around the world toward full community inclusion, self-determination, and recognition of those rights. It is based on the belief that people make better choices when they know what is happening and see for themselves what is possible.

SUBSCRIPTIONS: This is an independent news and information service, supported entirely by the people who read it and who benefit from the information it provides. Inclusion Daily Express does not sell advertising space.



NOTE: The following guidelines are designed to ensure the quality of this service and fairness to subscribers who pay for the service, while encouraging it to be shared with people who would benefit from its news and information. These guidelines apply only to the content of Inclusion Daily Express / Inclusion Weekly Review and its Website. They DO NOT apply to any outside news and information sources to which you may be referred. Please check the copyright policies of those sources for their guidelines.


Each subscription is designed to be delivered to an individual reader or a group of up to 10 readers. The contact person for each subscription may provide us with a list of email addresses and the first and last names (or initials) of those readers. We will plug them into our system and deliver each edition to them directly.

You DO NOT have permission to forward editions of Inclusion Daily Express to others outside the group. You may share an individual news item with a few interested readers, but please include the Web site address http://www.InclusionDaily.com and encourage them to purchase their own subscriptions.


Please DO NOT post Inclusion Daily Express editions on any email listserves, newsgroups, Internet bulletin or discussion boards, or any other form of mass electronic distribution.

If you think a particular news item would be valuable for one of these groups, please send the subject or title and date of the item, and the name and nature of the listserve, Internet board or group. We will then format that item specifically for that medium and email it back to you so you may post it, or if you prefer, we might be able to post it ourselves (we currently belong to 52 email groups and monitor 12 different bulletin/discussion boards.)


You may print off Inclusion Daily Express, or individual items from the Express, and make up to 10 copies to distribute or route within your office, post on staff message/bulletin boards, place in waiting areas or break rooms, give to support staff, friends, family members or fellow advocates. Please make sure the Web site address for Inclusion Daily Express http://www.InclusionDaily.com is present on all printed material.


The standard rate for reprinting Express material in organizational newsletters or Web sites is $25 (US). However, your subscription entitles your group to reprint one news item from the Express within a three-month period in an organizational newsletter or Web site at no additional charge. Please let us know which items you are choosing. Please also send us a copy of the newsletter, or a link to the Web page where the news item was finally published.

If you want to use more than one item per quarter, please contact us to make arrangements. Arranging for advertising space on your Web site or newsletter can reduce the costs.

If you use a "Quote of the Day" please include "From Inclusion Daily Express" and our Web site address.

Items in newsletters and Web sites must include the following:

1) The title of the article or story
2) The writer's name
3) The date it was published
4) The words "From Inclusion Daily Express -- disability rights news service" (Be sure to use the words "Inclusion Daily Express", NOT "Inclusion Press", "Inclusion News" or "Disability News")
5) Our Web site address: http://www.InclusionDaily.com


If you have special or unusual circumstances, we want to work with you. Please email or call if you have any questions, concerns or special requests.


If your group has not done so already, here are some examples of how you might select the 10 readers for your group subscription. These are only suggestions:

PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES / FAMILIES: If you are a person with a disability, or a family member or friend of somebody who is, you might consider people you know, including other family members, direct support staff, teachers, or job coaches -- anybody you know personally who is interested in this kind of resource.

ADVOCATES: If you signed up as a member of an advocacy group, you might choose people who belong to or advise your chapter or department. If your group has several chapters, please contact us about sharing the news with them. (We do offer large discounts for larger groups if yours has more than one chapter or more than 10 readers.)

SERVICE PROVIDERS: If you ordered your subscription through an organization that provides services to people with disabilities or their families, you might want to include direct service staff, managers, administrators, board members, advocates and/or people served directly by your agency or office. We also encourage you to include people with disabilities and their families whenever possible. If your agency has several offices, please contact us about sharing with them. (We offer large discounts for organizations with more than 10 readers.)

SCHOOLS: If you ordered through a school district, you might want to include teachers, volunteers, paraprofessionals, administrators, students, parents, and/or board members. If your school has several campuses, please contact us about sharing the news with them. (We offer large discounts for school districts with more than 10 readers.)

In any case, please always consider people with disabilities and their direct allies when choosing other readers.

Thank you for your support as we work together toward full community inclusion and self-determination!

Dave Reynolds, Editor
Inclusion Daily Express / Inclusion Weekly Review

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Keeping advocates informed, inspired and connected since 1999.
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