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Wednesday, February 25, 2004
Today's list includes 37 items. Some sites may require registration.
Editor's picks -- those considered particularly interesting, newsworthy or well-written -- are noted by the number sign (#).

(Health care - not specific to disabilities) Bush Health Tax Credits Won't Aid Uninsured, Study Says
# (Politics) Advocates for disabled rankled by Senator John Edwards' actions

(Health care) Panel weighs options for Medicaid funding
(Laws - not specific to disabilities) Alabama weighs in on Supreme Court case

(Health care) Antidepressants hazardous to health care coverage; Insurance plans stymie individual policyholders
(Housing) Community taking steps to ease lives of homeless
(Housing) Conference to tackle homelessness, housing
(Misc) Wells Fargo garners kudos from disability council

# (Sports) 'Calling' provides motivation

(Institutions - nursing homes) Nursing Home Staffing Criticized Hartford Courant registration required - free

(Education / Employment) 'Now We're Cooking' launched in Georgetown

# (Advocacy / Laws) Terri Schiavo's Family Files Contempt Motion to Obtain Terri's Medical Info
(Crime - health care) Jail medical provider says state wants it to pay $3.25 million

(Institutions - nursing homes) Republicans offer bills on senior care

# (Advocacy / Accessibility) Woman wrote a book, got it published, and is now shut out from some of the very places that sell her work

(Children / Families) Mothers ask state to make care for disabled kids easier Frederick News-Post registration required - free

(Education) Opinion: 'No Child Left Behind' fails the 'chicken house' analogy

Legislature passes mental health bill for children Kansas City Star registration required - free

New Hampshire
# (Education - special / Laws) Special ed students not entitled to private schooling on taxpayer’s dime

New Jersey
# (Achievement) They march to a different drummer by Do-Able columnist Linda Walls

New Mexico
# (Education) Put a lid on it: When schools can keep kids from bathroom, frustration flows freely by disabilities columnist Barbara J. McKee

New York
# (Children / Education - inclusive) Overcoming immense obstacles
# (Employment) Empowering abilities for job seekers

North Carolina
(Misc) Choosing a long-term adult care facility

(Crime) Vt. Woman With Messy House Avoids Jail

(Community living) Adult Family Homes state licensed option for care
(Health care) Bill tackles mental health disparity in health insurance
(Health care - not specific to disabilities) Medical misdiagnoses happen, so patients need to be proactive
# (Sports) Artificial leg, real victory; Issaquah Amputee trains for 2,800-mile bike ride across Europe
(Sports / Education) Central Valley mum on letters for Special OlympiansSpokesman-Review registration required - free

(Misc) Kelso backs limits for out-of-county patients at mental health center


# (Accessibility / Transportation) London bus doesn't fare well
(Arts) Cash boost for Get Changed Theatre Company

(Children) Collateral damage to a girl, 12

(Misc) Centre seeks to contact disabled man’s family

New Zealand
(Accessibility / Communication) Improved Communication For Hearing Impaired
(Education / Abuse) Paid-out ex-pupil denies sexual abuse

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