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Thursday, June 24, 2004
Today's list includes 41 items. Some sites may require registration.
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New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States

# (Euthanasia) Police lay no charges over Crick death
# (Euthanasia) Supporters toast Crick ruling

# (Service animals) New start with two new puppies by The Star "Wheel Power" columnist Anthony Thanasayan

# (Accessibility / Communication) Proposal To Make Sign Language An Official New Zealand Language
(Institutions / Crime) Mentally ill Waikato patients may be moved
(Misc) Death exposes gaps in system

# (Accessibility / Technology) BBC, Channel 4 and ITV to extend Audio Description service
# (Advocacy / Awareness) The gloves come off
# (Health care / Families) Left holding the baby
(Health care) Howard promises the 'right to choose' will end waiting lists within five years
(Crime) Woman hurt in park attack by gang
Northern Ireland
(Crime) Disabled attack 'sectarian'
(Misc) Ex-soldier appeals over pension
(Misc) Cancer patients miss out on £4m

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# (Advocacy / Community living) ADAPT: MiCASSA Co-sponsors grow
(Employment) June 30 Webcast: Smart Disability-Related Employment Policies
(Families / Children) House Approves Bill on Family Child Care
(Health care) Help on Medicare Issues, From the Inside required free Washington Post registration
# (Health care - not specific to disabilities) High Court Limits Patient Right to Sue HMOs
# (Health care - not specific to disabilities) A 'regulatory vacuum'
# (Institutions - nursing homes) Blacks far more likely to live in substandard nursing homes
(Misc - not specific to disabilities) Donations rise, but not for all
(Misc) NCD: Summary of the Native American Forum: "Disability Matters in Tribal Communities"
(Sports) Randy Snow Announced as First Paralympian Ever Inducted to U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame

(Education) Aims offers support for students with disabilities
(Sports) Baseball player returns to mound in Australia by Greeley Tribune sports reporter Matt Schuman

(Crime / Health care) U.S. Justice Department: Southwest Florida radioligists to pay $2.5 million for allegedly overcharging Medicare

(Families) Relatives Dealing With Alzheimer's Patients Often Face Loneliness, Depression

(Health care) UIC and Thresholds opens integrated health care by ABC7Chicago disability issues reporter Karen Meyer

(Travel / Children) Travel group caters to kids' special needs by Times-Picayune disability issues columnist Jane Pic

# (Employment / Laws) Deaf teacher denied sub job

# (Sports) Bill Hilsheimer - Golfer by Disabilities columnist Daniel J. Vance

New Mexico
# (Awareness) Injury removes insult by Albuquerque Tribune disability issues columnist Barbara J. McKee

New York
(Children) HHS Approves New York Plan to Keep More Kids Enrolled in SCHIP
# (Housing / Laws) U.S. Justice Department files lawsuit alleging disability-based housing discrimination in Wilton, NY
(Misc) Experts: Living wills often flawed

# (?) Two Inmates With Prosthetic Limbs Escape
# (?) Final escapee from Nashville jail caught
(Misc) Conference to look at how racism affects mental health

# (Crime) Mother says state failed to protect disabled daughter

West Virginia
(Institutions) New psychiatric hospital could face delays

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