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Thursday, March 10, 2005
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New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States

* (Education - inclusion) How about regular schools for special children

(Sports) Wanyoike is first Kenyan Laureus Award nominee

(Euthanasia) Hunger-Striker Dies

(Children) Will Blair's pledge to disabled children be met?
(Crime) Teenagers Jailed For Life For Scythe Killing
(Criminal justice system) Disabled sex attacker behind bars
(Education - segregated) Street protest at school closure
(Education - segregated) Howard pledge on special schools
* (Employment) Tasty opportunities -- restaurant is part of initiative to help people with mental health problems into work

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(Children) U.S. Autism Rates Rise Sharply; Analysis shows prevalence of the condition increasing
(Poverty) Low Socioeconomic Status is a Risk Factor for Mental Illness
(Social security) Bush's Social Security proposal takes a hit / GAO finds problems with privatization

* (Assisted suicide) Assisted suicide at center stage once again
* (Assisted suicide) Local physician looks at Berg bill on physician-assisted suicide
(Employment / Laws) Court revives suit against airline by HIV-positive job applicants

Schiavo coverage

Plans Afoot to Keep Schiavo Feeding Tube
State acts on two fronts to save Terri Schiavo's life
DCF Petitions Court to Have A Voice in Terri Schiavo Case
Judge: DCF can't intervene in Schiavo case
Legislature Re-Enters Schiavo Dispute
Bill sets rules for all like Schiavo
House committee approves bill prompted by Schiavo situation
Terri Schiavo's Estranged Husband Gets $1 Million Offer to Not Kill Her
Cardinal Keeler Backs Continued Care for Terri Schiavo
Opinion: For the sake of Terri Schiavo
Opinion: A matter of life
Opinion: Politicizing Schiavo's case
Opinion: Terri Schiavo deserves love and care
Opinion: "Terri Schiavo Deserves the Same Rights as Ted Bundy..."
Opinion: The Case FOR Michael Schiavo, George Felos and Judge Greer Starving Terri Schiavo to Death
Opinion: Where is King Solomon when Terri Schiavo needs him?

(Abuse) Police: Parents forced malnourished teen to sleep in locked cage
(Education) FCAT unfair to two special groups
* (Employment / Awareness) Restaurant Owner To See How Blind Learn To Cope
* (Technology / Children) Parents to get help with kids' disabilities

* (Community living / Self-determination) Groups fight for disabled to make living decisions
* (Contribution) High hopes for spinal muscular atrophy patients despite lack of cure by ABC7Chicago disability issues reporter Karen Meyer
(Health care) State faces funding loss under proposed changes

(Health care) State hopes to cut $76 million from new Medicaid costs

* (Advocacy / Community living) Women with disabilities relay powerful messages

(Institutions) Opinion: A failure at Fernald
(Institutions) Opinion: A fair shake at Fernald

(Misc) House counters Blunt's cuts

New Jersey
(Awareness) Arc plans events to increase awareness

New York
* (Transportation) Airport taxicab service will run on meters

North Carolina
(Assisted suicide) Assisted suicide continues to raise questions

Rhode Island
(Employment) Disabled workers pay Temporary Disability Insurance

South Carolina
(Criminal justice system) Lawyers for Zoloft Teen Seek Shorter Term

(Eugenics) Mitch Van Yahres says good-bye -- delegate introduced first eugenics apology

(Misc) New DSHS head is called effective with a low profile -- mentions Fircrest School closure

* (Advocacy / Accessibility) Disabled parking fix in the works; Little Chute responds to advocates' concerns

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