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Friday, March 18, 2005
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New Zealand
South Korea
United Kingdom
United States

(Community living) Breakthrough reached in disability dispute
(Community living) Disability workers protest lack of resources


(Misc) Disabled want answers on physio by Toronto Star disability & aging issues columnist Helen Henderson

* (Euthanasia / Crime) Lesley Martin heading to Supreme Court

(Misc) Unregistered Handicapped Facilities

* (Children / Families) A boy like Dan
* (Children / Criminal justice system) Police fight attention disorder
(Criminal justice system) Cannibal killer prompts review of mental health bill
* (Technology / Accessibility) Royal National Institute for Deaf People Website promises to be funky, not clunky
(Crime) Youth in attack on disabled man
(Misc) Long-awaited day centre to open
(Misc) Mental health move provokes anger

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* (Advocacy / Awareness) SAMHSA Announces New “Voice Awards”
* (Health care / Advocacy) Bazelon Center: House Medicaid Cuts Devastating for Americans with Mental Illnesses, Say Advocates
* (Health care / Advocacy) Bazelon Center Applauds Senate Rejection of “Irresponsible” Medicaid Cuts
(Social security) The case of the 12 zeros

* (Accessibility / Technology) Assisted listening Devices let the impaired hear council

* (Accessibility / Employment) Senior Golfers Can't Ride Out Latest Storm
* (Accessibility / Laws) Downtown parking to stay the same
* (Institutions - nursing homes) Laguna Honda costs rise in a less-for-more mess

(Misc) Culture plays role in mental health
(Misc) Mental health experts see crisis in treatment

* (Children) Special 'drink' keeps 6-year-old active, alive
(Sports / Achievement) Passionate athlete; Table tennis standout uses all she's got after ATV accident
* (Technology / Accessibility) USF St. Petersburg First to Offer Courses with Portable Media Centers
Schiavo coverage
S.653 'A bill for the relief of the family of Theresa Marie Schiavo'
H.R.1332 'rights of incapacitated persons'
Schiavo feeding tube removed
As emotions build, time ticks closer
DeLay Says He's Not Giving Up Schiavo Fight
Hard decisions, out of the spotlight
How Will Terri Schiavo Die?
One by one, options sink
Starving for a Fair Diagnosis
Support of life draws protesters to Schiavo
Terri Schiavo's room, quiet
Not Dead Yet: Statement on Removal of Terri Schiavo's Feeding Tube

(Arts) Group of individuals with developmental disabilities create special music by ABC7Chicago disability issues reporter Karen Meyer

(Children / Safety) Local agencies work to keep children safe

(Sports) Vision-impaired athlete relies on 'shadow' to help keep his dream alive

(Sports) Chasing Down an Olympic Dream -- Deaf Olympics

* (Advocacy) Two personal tragedies with two outcomes by Oakland Press "Voices of Disability" columnist Jerry Wolffe
(Health care) Bush's plan for Medicaid cuts opposed

* (Accessibility / Laws) 'Drive-by lawsuits' raise business concern

New Hampshire
(Institutions - nursing homes) Committee limits nursing home funds
(Misc) Counties blast Stephen's cuts; They say proposals imperil services

New York
(Health care) State gets $1.5 billion federal offer
* (Social security) Bush's Social Security: no longer an insurance by Newsday family & relationships columnist Saul Friedman

* (Technology / Communication) Open Communication: Company is helping the deaf

U.S. Virgin Islands
* (Technology / Community living) Low-interest loan program helping the disabled help themselves

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