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April 14 & 15, 2005
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United Kingdom
United States
Terri Schiavo coverage

(Employment) Push to get disabled working may cost $750m
* (Families) Young carers call for understanding
(Health care) We pay for Government failure to heed Medicare warnings
(Misc) Why the severely disabled miss out

(Children / Families) Budget changes could aid disabled
British Columbia
* (Service animals) Beloved pets join honour roll
(Misc) We bear shame over sad pair who died alone

(Children / Eugenics) In Europe lawmakers make law, viable babies are born

* (Euthanasia) Mercy killing frowned upon in Jamaica; Take your own life, don't ask others to do it

* (Awareness / Advocacy) Thoughtful gesture by The Star "Wheel Power" columnist Anthony Thanasayan

(Misc) Rise and fall of Blunkett in song
(Children) Payout for boy damaged at birth
(Misc) Gay people with learning difficulties 'need more support'
* (Voting) Mock election helps the disabled
(Sports) Marathon man outruns doctors and beats paralysis

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* (Advocacy) Bazelon Center: Help Us Say Bye-Bye Terrence Boyle
(Crime) New SAMHSA Brochures Discuss Mental Health and Substance Use Issues Affecting Crime Victims and their Loved Ones
(Health care) Medicaid for whom? It's for the poor, not everybody
(Misc) SSA: Social Security Disability Program Demonstration Project: Benefit Offset Pilot Demonstration

* (Advocacy) Making life better for all

* (Criminal justice system / Advocacy) Concerns about mentally ill

* (Contribution / Education) In a sense, teacher a lesson

(Criminal justice system) Man accused of stalking Kournikova ruled unfit for trial
Terri Schiavo
"After Terri Schiavo" by Ragged Edge Magazine editor Mary Johnson
"Issues in Schiavo case live on, disability-rights group says"
"Schiavo, movie raise end-of-life concerns" by TCPalm "disAbilities" columnist Allan Appel
"Activism and the disabled"
Rud Turnbull Testimony on Health Care Provided to Non-ambulatory Persons
"Knowing Our Minds"
"Larger questions ignored"
"An end to it all"
"Schiavo Case, Living Wills, Disability Advocates" By Brewster Thackeray, National Organization on Disability
"Schiavo Raised Profile of Disabled"
"Terri Schiavo's Death Marks a New Beginning" Not Dead Yet
"Schiavo case stokes the euthanasia debate where bitter World War II memories are still alive"
"Killed by Prejudice" by Laura Hershey
"Terri Schiavo" by "Disabilities" freelance columnist Daniel J. Vance

(Families) Hard Labor: Susan Ali was determined to give birth to a severely handicapped baby. Her husband was determined to stop her

* (Criminal justice system) Parents angered by officer's behavior

(Series from Zanesville Times Recorder)
More humane, sophisticated system emerges from darker days
Rob Russell: Finding his own way
Jesse's Journey: Locked away for 21 years in an institution, Jesse McDade now has a family, a job, and a home
Larry Bell: Making a home
Susan Cornell: Life with Mom
Yvette Michel: Her own place
Grassroots effort served as foundation for Starlight School
A working relationship; Starlight workshops provide employment opportunities
MRDD funding fluctuates Changing state, federal budgets present challenges locally
Reaching out at Starlight; School tailors teaching to students' needs
Starlight uses technology to its advantage
Tracking, prosecuting abusers made easier

(Misc) Candidate for executive wants human services in one building

* (Children) Students' generosity leaves courage award winner speechless

(Awareness) Author discusses mental illness

Washington, DC
* (History) History of Polio Traced in D.C. Exhibit

* (Institutions - nursing homes) Nursing home's lack of staff, unpaid bills hurt patients

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