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Thursday, September 15, 2005
Today's list includes 34 items. Some sites may require registration.
Editor's picks -- those considered particularly interesting, newsworthy or well-written -- are marked with an asterisk (*).

Links are listed alphabetically by country, then by state, province or territory.
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Hurricane Katrina
United Kingdom
United States

Disabled evacuees languish; Help for special-needs victims lacking
After Katrina: Rox's story
New Orleans Left to the Dead and Dying
Ill Refugees Rescued by Military
In Nursing Home, a Fight Lost to Rising Waters
Rescuers and the rescued shaken by experiences of Hurricane Katrina's aftermath
'It's been hell' for them
Katrina Victims Seek Help From Lawmakers
Health Care Workers Face Tough Challenges in New Orleans
JFA: Medicaid and Medicare waiver between states housing hurricane survivors!
National Council on Disability Calls for Federal Disability Recovery Plan in Response to Hurricane Katrina

* (Criminal justice system / Institutions) Baxter creates mental health problems: report -- Cornelia Rau
* (Criminal justice system / Institutions) Baxter suicide attempt reports prompt mental health fears

* (Awareness / Advocacy) Mental health care 'suffers gaps'
* (Awareness / Advocacy) 'Mental illness is now our biggest social problem'
* (Crime / Safety) Disabled woman foils sex assault
(Culture) Literature's love affair with the mind
(Education) With a little help from my tutors
(Misc) When being tall is a 'disability'
(Misc) Schizophrenia' may not exist

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* (Health care) N.M.'s Wilson: Postpone Medicaid cuts
(History / Euthanasia) Thirty years later, mother of Karen Ann Quinlan remembers
(Travel / Accessibility) New liners accessible, but what about excursions?

(Education) A new Cedar Lane

(Health care) Judge strikes down part of state's Medicaid co-payment

* (Health care / Community living) Missouri Medicaid cuts are assailed at hearing
* (Health care / Community living) Mo. Can Cut Medical Equipment Payments

New Mexico
* (Health care) N.M.'s Wilson: Postpone Medicaid cuts

New York
* (Sports) The Blind Trusting Their Stride -- NYC Marathon

South Carolina
(Health care) Governor's Medicaid overhaul brings lawsuit

South Dakota
* (Accessibility / Laws) Why do new violations occur? -- City still not complying with ADA

* (Voting / Accessibility) Americans with disabilities must have voice at polls

* (Housing / Accessibility) U.S. Justice Department settles disability discrimination suit against Spokane developer and architectural firm
* (Safety / Institutions - nursing homes) Preparing for the worst looks good to local nursing homes, residents

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