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September 20 & 21, 2005
Today's list includes 24 items. Some sites may require free registration.
Editor's picks -- those considered particularly interesting, newsworthy or well-written -- are marked with an asterisk (*).

Links are listed alphabetically by country, then by state, province or territory.
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Hurricane Katrina
New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States

Katrina Kicked Off Troubled Souls' Odyssey -- 16 survivors from group home
Separate but Equal? Schooling Of Evacuees Provokes Debate
Torrents of anger and sadness; Everyone in St. Bernard Parish loved someone in St. Rita's before Katrina made it a death trap

(Criminal justice system) 'Hundreds' of detainees try self-harm
(Misc) Aged centre deal

* (Education - inclusion) Something inside so strong -- why Sarah is an extra special student

* (Children) Rise in Down syndrome babies blamed on lack of screening
* (Children / Eugenics) Embryo ethics - what about me?

* (Advocacy) Cerebral palsy a human rights issue, not a welfare issue

(Misc) Charities 'could face conflict of interest' over jobcentre role
(Education) Autism college saves journeys

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(Technology / Advocacy) Disability Advocates Delighted with Efforts on Broadband Reform
(Voting / Accessibility) U.S. commission recommends paper trail on electronic voting machines

(Misc) President Bush praises free wheelchair mission
(Transportation) Transit gets scant help from Measure C

(Children / Education) Junior Achievement Helps Teachers with Lessons About Business

* (Congregations - inclusive) Making a connection
(Safety) Carnival ride victim mourned one year later -- Andrew Fohlin was a resident of Glavin Regional Center

New Hampshire
* (Community living / Seniors) Caring starts at home for new program

New York
* (Crime) A man forgives, doesn't forget; Confronting attacker allows Gary Geiger a measure of peace

North Carolina
(Children / Abuse) Shaken Silent

South Carolina
(Safety) Coast Guard suspends search for 18-year-old surfer -- Greg Allen Norton has epilepsy

* (Criminal justice system) New trial begins today in killing at Ironto rest stop -- defense challenges confession of man with mental retardation

Washington, DC
* (Criminal justice system) Justice for a 'Death of Neglect' -- quadriplegic Jonathan Magbie died one year ago in a D.C. jail

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