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Aiden Stein: Hospital Wants Baby's Life Support Removed

"Who are we to say that just because he's not socially acceptable that we should kill him? Have we come to that in our society, that our hearts are so hardened that we have no love for people outside the norm?"
--Matthew Stein, talking about a decision by an Ohio court to allow the removal of a ventilator that is keeping his infant son Aiden alive. Doctors, who suspect Stein of causing his son's brain injury, want the breathing machine removed (June 11, 2004)

Sept. 16: Matthew Stein Sentenced To Eight Years For Shaking Infant Son
August 30: Jury Selection Set For Matthew Stein
May 2: Aiden Stein's Parents Sue Hospital For Negligence
April 18: Matt Stein Charged With Aiden's Injuries
March 25: A Year After Hospital Ordeal, Baby Aiden's Grandmother Will Assume Custody
March 8: Judge Hears Arguments Over Aiden Stein's Custody
Feb 17: Children Services Requests Custody Of Aiden Stein
Jan. 3: Ohio Supreme Court Rules Baby Aiden Can Stay On Ventilator

October 28: Ohio Supreme Court Hears Arguments Over Baby Stein's Life
September 16: State Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Baby Aiden Stein Appeal
August 24: Parents Support Letting Nurse Take Aiden Home; Authorities Resist Plan
August 10: Aiden Stein's Do-Not-Resuscitate Order Is Valid, Judge Rules
August 6: Baby Aiden Stein Back In Hospital With Pneumonia
July 21: Baby Stein Moved To Nursing Home
June 11: High Court Halts Removal Of Infant's Ventilator
April 16: Judge Appoints Temporary Guardian For Injured Infant
April 15: Judge May Decide Fate Of Injured Infant

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