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Dear Advocate for Community Services and Supports:

The struggle for community services and supports continues.

Californians need our SUPPORT!

The Supreme Court's Olmstead decision said that "unnecessary institutionalization is discrimination." Though many states are in the process of developing "comprehensive effectively working plans" the decision wasn't about plans but people like Lois and Elaine.

While we battle for more community services and supports the City of San Francisco plans to rebuild a 1200 bed nursing home called Laguna Honda.

This is hardly providing services in the "most integrated setting" and many think violates the letter if not the spirit of the Olmstead decision.

This would be an outrage anywhere in the country but it is especially galling that Laguna Honda is being rebuilt in the Bay area, the birthplace of the independent living movement.

The California advocates have developed the following petition to Mayor Willie Brown and the SF County Supervisors.

They need our support by having as many disability and aging organizations and individuals sign on to this petition and send a message to the political leaders of San Francisco.

Thank you for your support!

M.W. Auberger Stephanie Thomas Bob Kafka





To: Mayor Brown and County Supervisors

The following organizations/individuals support the ability of people with disabilities including seniors to receive long term care services and supports in the most integrated setting.

We support exploring all alternatives to the rebuilding of Laguna Honda as a nursing home and support all efforts to transition/divert people with disabilities including seniors from institutional settings.

We support the expansion of accessible, affordable housing, and community supports and services throughout the city and oppose the placing of seniors and people with disabilities in Laguna Honda because of the lack of housing, services and supports.

We call on Mayor Brown and the County Supervisors to hold a public forum on the rebuilding of Laguna Honda before January 2002.

Thank you for your support of community services and supports.

NAME ________________________________

ORGANIZATION ______________________

ADDRESS ____________________________

CITY ______________ STATE ________ ZIP __________

PHONE ____________

E-MAIL ____________

Please e-mail to: bkafka@juno.com

or print this petition and mail to:
1339 Lamar Sq. Drive Suite 101
Austin, Texas 78704

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