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Judge Rotenberg Center -- Facility Uses Electric Skin Shocks To Change Behavior

The School of Shock Mother Jones Magazine -- August 20, 2007

June 11: ASAN, Disability Rights Organizations Call for Ban on Electric Skin Shock Devices (Austistic Self Advocacy Network)
August 7: FDA Considers Ban On Shock Devices Used At Judge Rotenberg Center In Canton (CBS News)
August 6: Controversy over shocking people with autism, behavioral disorders (CBS News)
June 13: Shock school critic says FDA should crack down on aversive therapy (MyFoxBoston)
April 23: Device to Shock Disabled for Behavior May Be Banned (Bloomberg News)
May 25: JRC Founder Steps Down, Accepts 5 Years Probation To Avoid Jail Time
March 5: District Supports Pulling Youths From JRC
Jan. 23: JRC Officials Ignored Watchdog, Destroyed Videos Of Student Shocks
Jan. 16: Massachusetts Lawmakers Consider Limits On JRC Skin Shocks
Dec. 19: Report: JRC Staff Asked No Questions While Zapping Youths During Prank Calls
Dec. 10: District Sent More Students To JRC Despite Ban
Aug. 29: Magazine Looks Behind The Scenes At JRC's Regime Of Control And Pain
Jan. 18: Education Board Bans Aversive Therapies -- Starting 30 Months From Now
Sept. 22: New York Board Says JRC Cannot Use Aversives On Students, For Now
July 31: New York Mom Sues JRC Over Son's Skin Shocks
July 5: Measure To Ban Electric Shocks At Rotenberg Center Dies In Committee
June 19: State Bans Some Aversives, But Won't Pull Funds From JRC
June 14: New York Report Blasts Rotenberg Aversive Programs
May 23: New York Panel Considers Limits On JRC "Therapies"
May 3: JRC Under Three Investigations; Mom Sues State That Sent Son To Facility
March 24: Dispute Over Shock Therapies Has Education Officials Reconsidering Out-Of-State Placements

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