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Wednesday, June 16, 2004
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New Zealand
South Africa
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United States
West Bank

(Children / Families) Families confront difficulties of terminal illness
# (Crime / Institutions - nursing homes) 37 charges after deaths spark probe
# (Relationships) Training for sex workers in relating to people with disabilities

# (Employment / Advocacy) Disabled rights' group to meet Finance Minister P. Chidambaram, seek incentives

# (Institutions / Criminal justice system) Staff reluctant to report offences by mental health patients
# (Institutions) Murder and suicides blamed on flaws in health service
(Health care) Cost-cut review looks at 1,400 healthcare jobs

# (Self-Employment) Woman builds on disaster to make a success

# (Accessibility) Supermarket's super loops; Signs are good for shoppers who are hard of hearing
(Bioethics) Human embryo cloning considered
(Laws / Advocacy) Joint Committee on the Draft Disability Discrimination Bill
(Misc) Joint framework for partnership action on disability
Northern Ireland
(Health care) Health department launches disability health action plan
# (Accessibility) Anger at 'ridiculous' bridge plan

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# (Advocacy) June 15, 2002 Justin Dart Interview Now Available Online
# (Children / Abuse - not specific to disabilities) Volunteer advocates are little help, study finds
# (Health care / Advocacy) U.S. should free prisoners of disability
# (Health care / Laws) Health lobby blocks mental health parity
(Health care - not specific to disabilities) 82 million people in U.S. uninsured
(Misc) HHS: Web Site Offers Comprehensive Information on Technologies for Health Professionals in Long-Term Care Settings
# (Misc) 2004 N.O.D./Harris Survey of Americans with Disabilities to be Released June 24, 2004

# (Culture / Relationships) Frank sexuality, creativity are exposed in disability films

# (Institutions - nursing homes / Abuse) U.S. Justice Department reaches settlement on conditions at Banks-Jackson-Commerce nursing home
(Institutions - nursing homes) Medicaid cut revisited
# (Voting / Accessibility) League still backs state's voting system

(Crime) Indy Police Officer Fined For Hitting Paraplegic At Strip Club

# (Arts) Artist focuses on meaningful murals

# (Families / Advocacy) A new chapter for advocate-dad

# (Voting / Accessibility) State starts campaign to make 2004 election more accessible

New Hampshire
(Health care) Medicaid bill becomes law without gov's signature

New Jersey
# (Awareness / Sports) Wheelchair racers want to be noticed by Asbury Park Press Doable columnist Linda Walls

New York
# (Employment) Employment and Disability Institute raises its profile on campus, worldwide
(Safety) State probes drowning of disabled man

North Carolina
# (Criminal justice system) Arrest leads to death of autistic man
# (Misc) N.C. overhaul of mental health services is lagging

# (Abuse) Was it CYF worker's job to see dying man?
# (Housing / NIMBY) U.S. Justice Department settles disability discrimination suit with Johnstown, PA

(Criminal justice system / Children) Burnett-Bayland psychiatric unit to reopen

# (Families) Family struggles to keep mentally ill son from falling through the gaps

(Criminal justice system) Prison tactics long a dilemma for Israel

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